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WLAN with "eduroam" at the European University Viadrina

The “eduroam” network connection gives students and staff at the Viadrina University wireless access to the Internet. Furthermore in scientific institutions which are part of the eduroam network program it is possible to use the eduroam network not only in Europe, but also in many other countries in the World.

To use the eduroam network you only need a central Viadrina University account (Studentenkonto for students or Mitarbeiterkonto for employees).

Users get access to the eduroam network in seminar rooms, lecture halls and also in public areas, including AB, AM, CP, GD, HG, LH, PG and IBZ. Please note that eduroam network access in office rooms was not intended.

The eduroam network authentication is realized by 802.1x EAP/WPA2-Enterprise with EAP-TTLS or EAP-PEAP protocols. To make the connection work, you have to accept the root certificate. Please download the certificate manually from here.

The eduroam user login consists of username followed by
Example for student:
Example for employee (Paul Meier)
(Please note: The eduroam user account differs from your Email address. It is not in this case!)

Further information:


Settings Alternative 1 / - Alternative 2
Network name (SSID) eduroam
Security 802.1x EAP / - WPA2-Enterprise
Authentication method EAP-TTLS / - PEAP
Encryption AES
Phase 2(inner) authentication PAP / - MSCHAPV2
CA certificate Root Certificate  or "Not validate"
Identity (user_name)
Anonymous identity
Password (identical to your e-mail account)




CA - Certificate Authority
eduroam - (education roaming) worldwide Internet access for research and education
EAP - Extensible Authentication Protocol
PEAP - Protected EAP
TTLS - Tunneled Transport Layer Security
VPN - Virtual Privat Netzwerk
WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network
WPA - WiFi Protected Access